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RecessionGirlz.com Member Site Redesign and more!

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Since 2009, Recession Girlz has built both a solid brand and effective webcam model marketing presence. The Recession Girlz (RG) brand features high-quality models who are active, attractive and have your total satisfaction in mind.

Our Recession Girlz members benefit greatly from our simple and effective ‘Quality First’ mission strategy and so can you…

Also, as a new member, you can take advantage of our Special Discount offer explained below.  But first, let us explain the beginning of our change and additional benefits we are offering you!

Until recently, RecessionGirlz.com was affiliated and promoted models who entertained on the iFriends webcam network.  Following the recent closure of the iFriends network, we decided to affiliate our global brand with the LiveJasmin webcam model network. The top reason being, they are a First-Class Premium webcam model network, that has a proven track record of featuring super-attractive webcam models committed to client satisfaction.

To make our transition an opportunity for us both, our team has invested the past 6 months re-designing our https://www.RecessionGirlz.com webcam model website with a clean updated appearance and friendly navigation tools. We have also improved our webcam model selection with those whom we feel can deliver higher quality and more intimate connections with you, our fans of the Recession Girlz brand. And, as you’ll see below, we have an exciting offer for you!

To make things easier for both our Recession Girlz members and our visitors, we’ve improved how our website memberships work.

Here is where things get good:

Membership Option # 1: 100% Basic-Free Recession Girlz Membership, do you like Free memberships with no hidden charges?

Now, you can start your 100% Basic-Free Recession Girlz Membership by simply joining with a username, password, and your email address. No tricks, No gimmicks, No credit cards, and No hidden charges!

Quite simply, there’s No-Charge for you to start your 100% Basic-Free Recession Girlz Membership. Simply join with a username, password, and your email address, it’s that simple!

It’s truly a 100% Basic-Free Recession Girlz Membership that allows you to enjoy an unlimited text-chat with live Models in the Free-Chat area and get recognized by the Models with your unique Recession Girlz member name. As a Basic-Free Member, you can also create a list of your favorite models whom will display as online in the “Favorites” section [displayed with a heart symbol in the upper right] once you log into your membership on the https://www.RecessionGirlz.com webcam model site.

The 100% Basic-Free Recession Girlz Membership is a great way for you to get to know the Recession Girlz webcam models, our brand and further familiarize yourself with the quality and benefits our revised website offers you.

Remember, starting your 100% Basic-Free Recession Girlz Membership has No tricks, No gimmicks, No credit cards, and No hidden charges, Period!

Are you ready to start your https://www.RecessionGirlz.com Basic-Free Membership? If so, click here!

Membership Option # 2: Premium Membership, is where your member benefits are enhanced:

If having full use of the Recession Girlz Webcam Model site and establishing strong connections with our Webcam Models are appealing to you, then a Recession Girlz Premium Membership is definitely worth the upgrade from the 100% Basic-Free membership.

Becoming a Recession Girlz Premium Member is as easy as choosing that option during signup, or you may upgrade to a Premium Member by purchasing Credits from your Basic-Free Member account.  Instructions on how to upgrade to a Premium Member are shown below.

The key benefits you receive from purchasing credits and becoming a Recession Girlz Premium Member are:

  • The chance to privately interact with any of our Webcam Models and of course, those on your Favorites list.
  • You get to enjoy all of the special acts listed in every Models’ Personal Bio noted under the section in their profile called: ‘In Private Chat, I’m willing to perform:’
  • Interact with live webcam models who allow VibraToy technology (allows Premium Members to control the models VibraToy by moving their mouse during the show).
  • Video-Call for a true 1-on-1 intimate connection over the models’ personal mobile phone and yours when they are offline!
  • Start a Private show with your favorite webcam model and enjoy these additional features: Audio, Two-way Audio (allows you to vocally talk with model versus type), Cam-to-Cam (enhance the private show for both the model and your enjoyment), send her/him Surprises, Vote for your favorite model to help them win contests, or have a discreet Email message with them through the website.
  • You can search the site for any fetish you desire either by typing in a search term or by clicking the list icon in the upper right of the search term field as seen in the image below.



RecessionGirlz.com Fetish Menu



Our Recession Girlz Premium Members constantly tell us that their Premium Membership is the Ultimate way to interact with our live webcam models!


Are you ready to start your https://www.RecessionGirlz.com Premium Membership? If so, click here



Whether you want to start as a Recession Girlz 100% Basic-Free member, or if you desire full use of the Recession Girlz webcam model site as a Premium Member, we have a Special Discount offer for you as a Thank You for continuing to support our Recession Girlz brand.


This Special Coupon Code can be used on your first purchase of credits to become a Premium Member and is valid only to new-first-time-members of https://www.RecessionGirlz.com.

In order to receive your discount on your first purchase of credits, follow these new-member-signup steps below:


1. First, to see and receive the coupon code, you must complete these steps from a computer. The coupon code will not show on mobile devices.


Recession Girlz Computer                      Recession Girlz laptop                                   Recession Girlz Equal Sign                Recession Girlz_Green_Check_Ok



Recession Girlz_NoMobile


NOTE: Our site is mobile friendly however the coupon codes are only visible when you access the site from a desktop or laptop computer.


2. Next, click this link https://RecessionGirlz.com and you will land on our home page which looks like this:





3. Once you’re on the Recession Girlz homepage, look for and make a note of the coupon code (it is case sensitive), then click on the image to view the signup form. See the example of the coupon code image below:



4. Once you click on the coupon code image, you will see a signup form overlay.  To start your membership type a Username, Password, your Email then click the ‘Join Now Free’ button. See the example of the signup form below:




5. If you’re interested in Premium Membership and getting a discount on your first purchase of credits, then click the ‘Become a Premium Member’ button and follow the instructions to complete your Signup. See the example of the page showing membership choices below:






6. For Premium Members, this page is where you select your payment method to buy credits:





7. Once you select your payment method, to receive a Discount on your first credit package look for the text above the credit packages that says ‘If You Have A Coupon Code Click Here’.  Then, click the text to reveal an input field and type the Coupon Code (case sensitive) that you noted from the image on the home page. See the example of the text to click and the input field below:











8.  After you have typed your Coupon Code, select the credit package you would like to purchase and click the ‘Buy Credits’ button below the package you want.  Or, if you would like to purchase a larger credit package, navigate to the input field above the ‘Buy Credits’ button at the bottom of the page and type the dollar amount you would like to purchase then click the ‘Buy Credits’ button below the input field:






9. The last step to complete your purchase of credits is entering your payment information then click on the ‘Complete’ button as shown below:






We hope you enjoy your visit to the new https://RecessionGirlz.com and thank you for your continued support!


We enjoy talking with our viewers and would appreciate hearing your thoughts on our discussion.  Feel free to submit your comments below.

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