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About Recession Girlz

Recession Girlz is one of the largest and fastest-growing online social media and fantasy entertainment communities in the world. Our thousands of Stars broadcast their live fantasy entertainment from the privacy and security of their own homes to our extremely large network of millions of paying viewers.

With our diverse amount of Stars, millions of pre-existing members and broad range of talent requests, our Stars provide some of the best live fantasy entertainment featured on the worldwide web today, and best of all they are paid extremely well.

How You Benefit

Although we encourage all to Apply to Become a Recession Girlz Star, we can’t approve everyone because of the time investment it takes in developing each successful Star. Allow me to say this, we are looking for women who are fit to average in shape, have charisma, charm, determination and who also are willing to learn how to relate to their clients desires… we can’t forget to mention having more fun working here than anywhere else.

At Recession Girlz we expect all of our Stars to follow our “Star Code Of Conduct”:

  • Showing up to every live session you work looking amazing, just as if you were going on a date and wanted to impress that special someone.
  • Consistently working at least 20 hours each week.
  • Having a charismatic, charming and determined spirit during all your live broadcasts.
  • Following our success plan to build and maintain a loyal fan base that consistently returns to spend their money on you.
  • Keeping a professional attitude by understanding that you will have to work to build and retain your fan base.
  • Making your fans feel special by listening and remembering details of your live sessions so in future sessions you can pick up where you left off with them (don’t worry we have tools on our site that make it easier for you to record the details of your live session).

    If you meet the above and your Recession Girlz Star Application is approved, you’ll have access to review and accept our Agreements then start earning money by performing across our network of websites.

    Whether you’re new to this industry or you’re an experienced Star, the amount of work it takes to achieve online success and your financial goals is tremendous which is why you will enjoy the benefits of having our team as your managing representative.

    Once you accept our Agreements we act as your managing representative and pay you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (depending on which site you work within our network) minus our management fee (a percentage of your earnings) in exchange for us doing some or all of the following;

  1. Creative Design, Photography and Video Editing, Photo/Video Shoots, Content Creation in Photoshop, Illustrator, Sony Vegas and Sony Acid to name a few…
  2. Internet Marketing; Branding you as one of our Stars through Social Media Integration, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Organic Search Engine Placement, Hyper-links, Anchor-Texts, Sub-Domains, Keyword Analysis, Email Marketing Campaigns and Analytical Traffic Tracking to name a few…Internet Marketing; Branding you as one of our Stars through Social Media Integration, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Organic Search Engine Placement, Hyper-links, Anchor-Texts, Sub-Domains, Keyword Analysis, Email Marketing Campaigns and Analytical Traffic Tracking to name a few…
  3. Personalized Website Development; Coding in HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL Database Management to name a few…
  4. Business Development; Do you have a great online business concept but just don’t know how to get it started? By contracting with us you will have the knowledge, experience and resources to make it a reality. We love helping our Stars become successful business women.
  5. Sharpening Your Sales and People Skills; Maximizing your earning potential in this industry is all about how you handle your viewers and turning them into your loyal paying fans! With the combined experience of 70 plus years in sales, marketing and business management, our team will help you convert viewers to loyal paying fans as easy as entering your pin code in an ATM machine but without the withdrawal limits!
  6. Guidance with your profile creation on our network of websites.
  7. Guided site tours to understand all the features and benefits our paying viewers have come to love so that you will minimize your learning curve and maximize your earnings!

By working together with our team you’ll have the support of our organization of skilled business experience, education and knowledge to help you start living a prosperous and financially rewarding life by performing as a Recession Girlz Star.


We feature the latest in high-definition, high-quality, live video, audio and phone broadcast technology. Because of this our network of millions of paying members will surely keep you busy!

With millions of paying viewers and our experienced marketing and administration team, your income potential can be from $500 to over $2500 weekly, it’s really up to how closely you follow our success plan when you are working!

Fast Cash

We offer huge commission percentages with tons of extra money making features you can use when you are both online and offline… such as extra income from tips in your live free or premium paid video chat sessions, or tips that fans reward you after viewing your fresh photos and videos that appear on your fanclub page, earnings from your private paid single-viewer video chat sessions, earnings from your paid multi-viewer video chat sessions, earnings from paid GetCloser® phone conversations, earnings from your monthly recurring fanclub memberships, earnings from your Video-On-Demand (VOD) views… and many more ways to earn.

Expert Marketing

We have perfected a means of targeting and directing just the right traffic who become loyal fans that spend time with you during your live sessions. If you incorporate charisma, charm, determination and show your fans you know how to relate to their desires, they will return a consistent flow of income to you.

All of our Stars must consent to our worldwide marketing efforts so you’ll be seen on 1000’s of websites in our network, and advertised across the world by 200,000+ of our affiliate marketers.


Work whenever you want 24/7 and have our support team help you with any concerns you have.

Make as much money as you like and get paid weekly or bi-weekly (depending on which site you work in our network).

We help you make top dollar by recommending the correct per minute rate for your live sessions, type of live session; free chat, premium standard chat or a fan club group chat and help you develop new photo and video content that converts your viewers to loyal paying fans!

Ready to get started as a Recession Girlz Star? Apply Here!

Recession Girlz Webcam Models

Recession Girlz Webcam Models