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No Layoffs or Pay cuts here!!!

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Only high potential earnings from $500 – $2500+ per week.


Work with an Industry Leader and learn how to Dominate the Webcam Modeling Market!


If you’re a fit and sexy female-adult aged 18 – 35 (Click here to see what kind of models we hire),
then NOW is the time to Apply for a Position as a Recession Girlz Webcam Star…
Where you could earn $500 – $2500 or more per week… starting as early as next week!

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All it takes is working with the right Management Company, Attending Training and Consistently Following a PROVEN Process.


Best of all this is fun, safe and legal!


Your privacy is protected when you perform through our network of sites!


I’m sure you’ve seen, or read, about webcam models earning amazing money by entertaining viewers through a live webcam broadcast… all from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.
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That’s because Personality combined with the right Physical Attractiveness, Pays!

If you’re personable and enjoy talking with people from all over the world,

If you have a fit and sexy physique, (Click here to see what kind of models we hire)

And, if you have an exhibitionist side that you don’t mind sharing with viewers…
…well, we have a saying here at Recession Girlz…

The Best Actress… equals the Best Paycheck!
Does that make sense?

Ask yourself, how could you improve your life if you became our next Webcam Star earning an extra $500 per week?

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Let’s say we hire you
And you consistently attended our training,
You Apply PROVEN techniques that we teach you,
And your income soared to $2500+ a week!!!
What would you do with that extra money?


So Please, THINK BIG about your possibilities!


And guess what? Those possibilities will become reality from the $$-Incomes-$$ that we will help our next Recession Girlz Webcam Stars earn!


See our Frequently Asked Questions Here

Review these following four ways that you can work as a webcam model and choose which best suits you:

1) All-By-Yourself: Making 100% of the money sounds appealing, only to find out that what happens is…
YOU are now 100% responsible for the following work noted below:

  • Model Motivator (to find desire to work)
  • Graphic Designer (to create marketing banners, emoticons, etc)
  • Video Editor (to make videos for you to sell)
  • Video Recorder (to capture fresh content for your fans to purchase)
  • Lighting Specialist (to show off your best assets)
  • Photographer (to make you a star)
  • Photo Editor (to add that extra touch to help your photos look great)
  • Social Media Marketer (to share your ideas and let your customers know when you’re available)
  • Website Developer (to have a place to share ALL your content)
  • Email Marketer (to keep your fans updated)
  • Accountant (to keep your money in your pocket)
  • Legal Professional (to answer those confusing legal questions)
  • Internet Privacy Specialist (to protect you from predators)
  • Networker (to tie all this together)
  • …the list goes on!…
















Oh… and one more important thing…
After you are have spent the time learning how to do everything listed above,
Now you’ll have to find more time to log in and be entertaining enough to earn money.


As you can see, working all-by-yourself requires a huge investment of time, money and stress!

Ask yourself if you have the skills, time and money to perform all the work noted above?
If not, then read on…

2) Hire Someone to handle the tasks mentioned in number one above…

But who can you trust to get the work completed?

Whose money will you use to pay the people you hire?

Where will you find people to motivate-you-to-work, be your graphic-designers, video-editors, video-recorders, lighting-specialists, photographers, photo-editors, social-media-marketers, website-developers, email-marketers, accountants, legal-professionals, internet-privacy-specialists, networkers…?


Do you have the money AND the time to interview everyone you’ll need to help you?
If not, then read on…

3) Work with a Trusted Professional:  A Webcam Model Management Company who helps you complete EVERYTHING mentioned in number one above.

You’ll find that you have enough time to broadcast and entertain your viewers to earn a lot more money.
Our trainings will help you stay motivated and you’ll learn how to achieve your goals faster, than if you were working by yourself.
Best of all, most of our models start with no-money out of their pocket!

Teamwork and team spirit - Hands piled on top of one another .Teamwork-chart

If you would like to work with a professional Management Company to reach your income goals faster than working by yourself,
then Apply to become a Recession Girlz Webcam Model
If not, then read on…

4) Pass This Opportunity  to the next person, and write it off as an entertaining read!
Whichever way you choose, we thank you for taking the time to read about our opportunity.

Pass it on

You see, we believe that “The Golden Rule” in the book “The Law of Success” is consistent for EVERY business…

You’ll always achieve more when you receive harmonious co-operation from a Team of Professionals,
all working together to help you reach your goals!

To work with the Recession Girlz Team of Professionals, we require that you have:

1. A high speed internet connection of at least 2 megabit UPLOAD speed

2. A webcam – External High-Definition preferred

3. A private computer to broadcast on our websites. Must be Intel i5 or higher and 8 gigs of RAM or comparable Mac

4. A phone for calls during your private shows

5. A fun and friendly personality

6. Ability to work at least 20 or more hours each week.
NOTE: Our seasoned webcam stars who follow our process and work at least 40 hours per week earn $2500+ per week.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions
You can View Testimonials Here
Check out our Recession Girlz Network

and then… if you think you have what it takes…


Apply through our website Webcam Model Application Here
or for more information:

Call to speak with one of our professional recruiters!

Available: 10 am – 7 pm PST

If you call us after hours, kindly leave a message with the best way to reach you and a professional representative will contact you as soon as possible.

If you are looking for an overnight or quick fix to financial issues you may be experiencing, then this opportunity may not be for you.
We require a high level of commitment, desire and dedication from you… to learn the best practices and earn the money you deserve!


Recession Girlz Webcam Models

Recession Girlz Webcam Models