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Dear Recession Girlz:

SEXYJENN_18 Recession Girlz Webcam Model Testimonial

Well, I’m just going to start off by saying that just a few years ago everything seemed so hopeless … buying a house, a car, and basically having a life! Then I started here at Recession Girlz and that is when my whole life changed!!! First, Recession Girlz helped in launching my business by loaning me my first HD cam until I was able to buy one, which they helped me buy also!!! Thank you!!

The first year working at Recession Girlz I was able to quit my full-time, 40 hour a week job and work at Recession Girlz only! YAY! I was able to have so much time to spend with my family, which REALLY means a lot to me. Before Recession Girlz, I was missing important family activities like Christmas Eve, Easter, etc. by having to work for a 9 to 5 employer, doing what they said, when they said it.

My First Car & Home

Then I bought my first car … not just any car, a super fast car, the one I REALLY wanted! And even after that, I was able to fix it up into the race car of my dreams. SWEET! Just when I thought, how could things possibly get better than this? I began building my client base and was doing even better … SO I bought the truck of my dreams … OMG! Brand new too! On top of this success, I was working when I wanted to, when I had the time to work and not when someone was telling me I HAD to work. I hated working a 9 to 5 job, getting bossed around, treated badly, for money that was hardly enough to survive.

But wait … just when I was thinking that Recession Girlz was my dream job, things got even better. I qualified for my very first house, and not just any house, the house that I wanted; in the state that I wanted (The view of the mountains from my bedroom window is AMAZING!) I always wanted to move from Oregon to Arizona my entire life but was never able to … because of course if I wanted to move to another state, I needed to find a job there first and it takes time to get settled, especially to buy a house. With Recession Girlz, I had it all, the flexibility to move to another state, proof of income, a solid work history, AND a job that follows me anywhere! Recession Girlz was helpful through the home buying process. For the closing of my house, Recession Girlz sent my lender all of the required information within one hour. My lender was so impressed and it made me look good which is even better if I decided to buy again.

Now I am living in the state of my dreams, in a great house, spectacular neighborhood, driving a super fast killer sports car, and sporting an even sicker truck … I could literally go on ALL DAY about how much Recession Girlz has helped me … from tech support to everything else I have ever needed! I’ll sum it up with saying.




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Recession Girlz Webcam Models