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Dear Recession Girlz:

MADISONLAMBERT Recession Girlz Webcam Model Testimonial
I want to take you back three years and then some – before I found out about your site. I was working as a bank teller making minimum wage and had a lot of bills.
That year, at the beginning of the summer, before discovering your site, I asked my parents for a loan to buy a used Sea-Doo (jet ski). They said no. I was upset because I had every intention of paying them back.

As the weeks went on, I steadily increased my income and was quickly earning my two-week bank teller salary of $866 Canadian Dollars in just one week as a Recession Girlz model. I’d effectively doubled my salary… I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t think it was possible. I was working 80 hours in a two-week time frame at my old job, (compared with) half the hours to earn the same income with Recession Girlz!

By March, only four months after beginning work on Recession Girlz, I walked into Bombardier Sea-Doo Watercraft and not only did I buy one new Sea-Doo, I bought two of them!

I don’t think I would have been able to do that working at the bank; my expenses would have prevented that type of purchase.

MADISONLAMBERT Recession Girlz Webcam Model Testimonial2

The following year, I bought the Jeep of my dreams! Then, I went to the Caribbean on vacation!

I was always nervous that Recession Girlz could just be a fly-by-night website and that this incredible opportunity could just evaporate and leave me right back at my old bank job. But, as the months and years went on I knew that wasn’t the case. Just this year, I’ve saved up enough to buy my first new home… bigger than most of my friends have and all thanks to the service you provide!

But enough about all the material things that I have purchased. Let me talk about how Recession Girlz has really been there for me.

Recession Girlz, over the years you’ve done so many things for me and helped me along my path. …You have always treated me fair (even) when I have made mistakes. My cheques always arrive on time….

There are so many things that I am thankful for. The roof over my head, a healthy family, and you, Recession Girlz – ‘cause I could never imagine my life the way it is now without thinking of you!

Thank you soo much for everything,


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